Voice Over Services

We offer you just exactly the right voice over as we can deliver in any
language, accent, gender and age group of your choice.

Pro-translation offers the fastest and most reliable voice over services and voice-over translation service. We provide multi-lingual voice over services in over 30 languages and dialects. We guarantee native fluency and accuracy in all our recordings and make sure the voice matches your brand identity. We provide the ideal and incredible voice for your voice prompts, advertisements, telephone greetings, music, presentation, IVR, documentaries and description videos.

Whether it's a two-minute commercial or hour-long our most capable team ensures fast ad quick turn-around, highest quality and yet the most cost-effective solution to your voice over needs.

Our company offers you the creativity your content requires for your marketing and promotional needs through our team specializes in casting, recording, production, background music, translation, mastering, and mixing.


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