Interpreter & Events

Interpretation can be in the form of consecutive or simultaneous form. Whatever the form, Pro-Translation has knowledgeable and fully vetted interpreters that have exceptional linguistics and interactive skills to help you translate from one language to the other. They stick to stringent standards of professionalism.

We provide simultaneous interpretation services which are suitable for large conference meetings where more than one language is required. This type of interpretation is complex, but our experience in this field means that we accept all challenges head on. This U.N. style interpretation requires well-trained interpreters and specialized equipment; we have both.

We charge inexpensive interpreting rates per hour. Our purpose is to offer interpretation services for your meeting to provide equal access to services for different speaking audiences, either for government agencies or business corporates. We simplify verbal communications in multiple languages across a wide range of situations. In the process, we meet the needs of the diverse community.
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