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Pro-translation is increasingly becoming one of the most recognized transcription service for locals around the globe as we record thousands of clients excited with our unique style of turning their audio or visual content into texts - whether verbatim or tidied, with each one time stamped (according to preference). With our vast database of pro-translators that deliver professional transcription service, we excellently surpass all your expectations for Audio transcription service and our team of solid experts execute each project in a flawless style. Our services reach as wide as fifteen (15) different time zones, hundred and fifteen (115) languages coupled with the solid benefit that your projects will be in the hands of only the most educated, experienced, and talented local transcriptionists correlating to your work.

At last!, Getting a Professional transcriptionists for your verbal communications, videos, interviews, meetings, and conference calls has never been easier. We guide you through the process, order your steps and consistently go out of our way to over-deliver with value and top notch quality which reinforces us as the conference calls transcription service provider that you can trust. All our valued repeat customers can rest easy dealing with us. Don't just do the right things, do things right as well. Make a decision now, right now, to make Pro-translation your only professional transcription service provider.

Our goal is transcribing your preferred language(s) in real-time. Since we operate around the clock effectively, our passionate team of audio or video transcription experts will carefully listen, connect, and start your projects - with your exact instructions of course, while maintaining peak accuracy and fast turnaround time. Our transcription process follows four (4) main route - after turning your audio or visual content into text, it is reviewed by management, proofread by different sets of experts and finally proofread a second time for quality check. We are proven specialists in our field delivering flawless transcription services well over 90,000+ hours of meetings and events. Lets get started with yours.

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We are a professional translation company that aims at transforming our client’s business operation and models through our services. Our company’s credibility is attributed to our huge commitment providing outstanding translation services in the dominican Republic, Europe, and the United States. Read more


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