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Publishing houses, on a global scale are increasingly on a steady search for professional translation for their articles - whether daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly, which can convey all the messages contained in the right form or style. Gone are the times when these giants look to translation software or the use of a rushed publishing translation service, as these techniques can be fairly cheap, surprisingly fast but they come with grave consequences as many of the news report translation tend to have their target audiences relate to the wrong interpretation which leads to an automatic loss of credibility and trust. Clear all of these bottlenecks completely, with the spectacular publishing translation services.

Full translation of your Magazine & Newspaper backed with hope and high expectations is like taking massive action without strategy - you eventually will burn out. Maximizing your increasing readership globally and attracting more visitors to your Magazine & Newspaper calls for specialists experienced in not just getting a greater mass of audience by translation of your content into different languages but also well versed in terminologies for your selected niche publications like the  political news, healthcare publication and medical papers or journals.

At Pro-translation, we cover a wide range of topics, provide accurate and realistic expectations for your news report translation, journal translation, Periodical translation and so forth. We also recognize that as business people there can always be a cost effective route that gives a quick turnaround time through Publishing and Media Translation services.

Our management team work super-hard at making each article translated, fully mirror and take shape of its original message. Make your sound judgement based on the quality of our skilled translators having solid knowledge of the cultural nuances and then on the experience at Pro-translation accumulated for over 9 years. All of your Magazine & Newspaper translations will be an easy walk in the park with compelling accuracy and its completion? Will be within time frame. Be with the best. Be with Pro-translation. Lets get started.

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We are a professional translation company that aims at transforming our client’s business operation and models through our services. Our company’s credibility is attributed to our huge commitment providing outstanding translation services in the dominican Republic, Europe, and the United States. Read more


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