IT & Software Translation Services

The IT industry is evolving rapidly and demands high-quality translation and localization services to ensure effective communication and expansion of their markets.

Pro-translation provides software translation services to IT companies. We provide software translation services to companies that want their software available in different languages across the globe. With over ten years of experience in software translation service, we are the right fit for your project.

Software translation is a little technical and poor translation can have major consequences, it leaves users with a negative impression of your software and can make you lose credibility. We make sure we work with translators who are experienced in this field to ensure term and terminologies are respected. Our team consists of IT specialist who are skilled and has been tested to meet acceptable standards. They have a comprehensive knowledge of software translation and are talented linguist with good knowledge of the source and target languages. We follow the best practices and no matter how complex or technical your software is we will provide the best multi-lingual versions.

Our senior experts also prof-read and test the process to ensure that translation is consistent with the specifications and free from errors.

Our services include but not limited to

  • Translation of user interface resource files
  • Translation of online help
  • Translation of terms of conditions and agreements
  • Translation of user manual and guides
  • Translation of websites

We are a company of integrity and are backed by stringent principles of quality and confidentiality. We are willing to sign NDA with our clients when necessary. We offer the cheapest software translation service when compared to our competitors and yet top quality. Please send us a message today let’s get started.

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