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If you intend to have a technical or engineering translation done, you know what to do! Technical translation services can be a real asset to your business, especially if you operate internationally with customers and employees that speak different languages. Technical communication is vital in an array of industries. There is no limit to what we can do. Ranging from instruction or safety manuals from electronics and automotive fields to marketing materials and software applications, trust us to deliver high-quality work.  We also work on gift box features, training documents, and important e-mails. That is why as a reputable multinational company, you need to have a certified technical translator. We always aim at providing you with the appropriate technical translations the first time to save your time.

Our qualified international editors edit translated work before presenting it. By editing, we note all possible mistake made in the translating process before it gets back to you. Your job undergoes many processes to make it perfect. When you trust us with your technical translation, we repay your trust by giving you our best. With plenty of experience in technical translation, we assure you of 100% satisfaction starting from the moment you mail us your project to the moment we send you back the finished work. We do everything for you so that you do not have to stress yourself over the process. We will walk you through the whole process that we came up with, something that has made us a force to reckon with in the technical translation profession.

We have a motivated workforce that is friendly and flexible. There is free and open communication between our staff and us. Open communication is a recipe for success in our field of business. We will provide you with a technical translator with experience in your area of interest. We are available for high-quality engineering translation any time you need us. We are flexible to accommodate the varying needs of our clients. We can either communicate through video conferencing or complete the task remotely, to save you money you could spend on hiring a full-time technical and engineering translator.

About us

Our company’s credibility is attributed to our huge commitment to providing outstanding translation services and interpreting services in the Dominican Republic and many others countries. In every translation project we set out on, we endeavor to deliver accurately translated messages free from alterations and errors.


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