Often, no matter the skills and expertise your human interpreter possesses, quality interpretation service always comes down to the type of equipment, how modern and the level of technicality of such equipment. Your event can be of the best quality when you have access to the best and highest quality Simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Pro translation offers only equipments with the best quality for rentals. Our years of experience and expertise has afforded us the opportunity to build one of the largest collection of simultaneous interpretation equipment systems. Quality and leading industry experts manufacture our equipments. Signals from our equipments can broadcast seamlessly throughout a very large area or a small conference area without any echo or stutter.

We got the best FM system sound quality. Our system can easily operate and interpret multiple languages simultaneously without fear of interference. We can provide anything you need for your events and conferences in regards to interpretation equipments. We have a wide range of equipment selections which include but not limited to interpreter consoles, headsets, stereo headphones, audio transmitters, microphones, mixers, portable and standard interpretation booths, wireless transmitters and microphone systems.

We provide custom full both sizes or portable booth sizes to ensure noise is controlled to the minimum. Our equipments can be easily transported at minimum expense and less stressful because of its lightweight nature. We offer portable equipments for small events with fewer people and a small budget and can also be easily operated by a novice or our complete and sophisticated equipments for larger events and conferences with our team of experts on ground to ensure smooth running of the sound in your event.

Our modern simultaneous interpretation equipments, years of experience and expertise in conferences and other types of events mean we can assure you the best event possible.
Do you want the best simultaneous interpretation equipments to rent, a premium service with good customer and technical support at the lowest rate? Ask for a quote today.   
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